A multi-car pileup in Forth Worth, TX has shut down the I-35 highway with multiple injuries and at least 5 fatalities.

According to CBS DFW, several people were trapped in their vehicles as authorities continued their search and rescue efforts in the wake of the crash that happened around 6:30 a.m. after a night of sleet and freezing rain. Fort Worth police spokesperson Daniel Segura says at least five people were killed in the crash but the situation remains fluid.

Information will change going throughout the day as we get more information. We are going vehicle, by vehicle, to make sure that anybody that is still trapped in their vehicle has been extricated, if possible. There’s a lot of vehicles to go through.

Pictures and videos began to surface on social media in real-time, showing the harrowing scene. Please be warned, language and content NSFW.

Cars in the opposite lane were slowed to a crawl as passenger vehicles and semi-trucks slammed into each other at full speed.

Vehicles were smashed and stacked on one another becoming sitting ducks for the next vehicle that would slam into the wreckage.

Conditions were so slippery, it was even difficult for first responders to get to the crash.

First responders actually had difficulty getting to the vehicles. As they were making their way on the freeway to get to those vehicles it is very slippery. We did have to get quite a bit of sand out here… we did everything we could to get as much traction as possible.

There is a "family reunification" center set up for people to meet and pick up passengers that are involved in the pile-up.


Authorities are calling the pileup a mass casualty event. See the full story via CBS DFW here.

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