After 20 years, guitar icon Zakk Wylde has unleashed his second solo album, Book of Shadows II, a long-awaited follow up to his 1996 solo disc, Book of Shadows. His Black Label Society brethren joined him onstage to perform the new, softer tunes during his New York City tour stop at Webster Hall.

The night started off with the infectious older tune “Sold My Soul” off of his first solo album, Book of Shadows. Other older melodic staples included “Road Back Home,” “Way Beyond Empty,” “Throwin’ It All Away” and “Dead As Yesterday.” Although Black Label Society is known for heavy riffs and some fast tunes, Wylde is also known to deliver tender acoustic and piano-driven songs.

Fans waited a long time for Book of Shadows II and they sure got it as most of the set was made up of new tracks, “Autumn Changes,” “Tears of December,” “Lay Me Down,” “Darkest Hour” as well as “Eyes of Burden,” “The King,” “Lost Prayer” and the set-closing “Sleeping Dogs.” Wylde’s solos echoed throughout Webster Hall as he played from one end of the stage to the next, with his fans soaking it all in throughout the evening.

Nashville rock 'n' roll act Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown took hold of the stage beforehand and their energy is so contagious that they will be headlining Webster Hall themselves soon enough.  Opening act Jared James Nichols performed with his bluesy rock soulfulness and may have even reminded fans of a younger Zakk Wylde.

Check out our gallery of the show above and go here for a list of remaining tour dates to see Zakk Wylde in action.

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