You read the headline correctly! Wanna go to Northern Invasion, but don't want to break your budget?

Well, we have a solution. You've heard about this, right? Northern Invasion is offering an exclusive deal right now. Furthermore, this solves the whole "oh I can't stay the whole weekend, but I can go for the whole day" problem too.

Before we tell you what the deal is, let's remind you of how awesome this year's lineup is...


Yeah, it's still that awesome. Who are you excited to see? Are you looking at this and thinking "eh, I like the Saturday lineup better than Sunday?" My friend, we've solved that problem for you.

Northern Invasion calls is their "single day" deal, and it's going on until Monday. It's simple! Get a "single day" ticket for $50, for whichever day you prefer to go!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 5.51.14 AM

Keep this is mind though: on Monday, Phase Two kicks in, and that's an extra $10 added to your "single day" ticket.

Seriously, check this out ASAP. We'll see you at Northern Invasion this year!

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