For me, the invention of ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft has been pretty amazing. The ability to summon a ride to your current location right from your phone has been revolutionary, and it’s taken away a lot of stress when traveling. It’s also great for those fun nights when you definitely do not want to drive.


This past weekend, I had a couple friends visit from out of town. We decided to go bar-hopping in downtown Rochester, so I got us a Lyft to take us from my apartment to downtown. It was easy, and led to us having a fun time knowing that we’d still get home safely at the end of the night.

That being said, Uber and Lyft do have their detractors – like other taxi companies who don’t appreciate the competition. That might be why one local company, Yellow Cab, just announced that it’s capping one-way service to downtown Rochester at $7 a ride. That’s roughly about what I paid for my Lyft ride.

So while Lyft and Uber are controversial in the taxi industry, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a great deal for consumers. A $7 cab ride isn’t bad at all – especially if you’re sharing it with a couple friends. So props to Yellow Cab for making themselves more competitive, and hopefully in turn helping to crack down on drunk driving. That'll get my support the next time I go out.

FYI, you can download their app, order online, or call 507-282-2222. Good to know!

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