Hey, I get it. Sometimes you really want a burrito. But this is crazy.

According to KSTP, police in Eau Claire were made aware of a stabbing that occurred outside a Mexican restaurant around 2:40 a.m. this past Sunday morning. After the victim was transported to the hospital, officers used public space cameras to track down the suspect a few blocks away.

It was eventually discovered that the suspect, Jason A. Fox, was upset after the victim supposedly cut him off in line to get a burrito at the restaurant right before it closed. Fox ended up confronting the victim outside the restaurant, mad that he didn't get his burrito. After arguing for a short period of time, Fox ended up stabbing the victim in the chest area. Thankfully, the victim was treated at the hospital and released.

Look, I love Fourth Meal just as much as any guy, but that's definitely escalating things to the next level. Considering that Fox ended up being charged with substantial battery and use of a dangerous weapon, he probably could have handled the situation better.

No word if he ended up getting that burrito.

Source: KSTP


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