With just $25 and a letter, you could win an incredible lakeside home valued at $1.7 million! Seriously!

This home is located in Alberta, Canada so either this will be an insanely beautiful vacation home or you could just pack up and move to Canada if you want.

The current homeowner, Alla Wagner, is the one who put all of this together. Alla injured her vertebrae in June of 2018 which has confined her to only the second floor of her home so she knew she would need to move eventually.

She told KARE 11 that she was watching a movie called Spitfire Grill where someone held a contest similar to Alla's to give away a restaurant. Alla was inspired by the movie and decided to do something similar with her home.

The contest is simple: send Alla a letter that's no more than 350 words explaining why you should win the home and also a $25 entrance fee. Why the $25? She hopes to get 68,000 entries because then the entrance fees will pay for the cost of the home.

She receives anywhere from 100 to 2,000 letters each day and she really reads all of them. There's no specific end date for this contest, it will last either 3 months or as long as 6 months. So if you're thinking about entering I'd say do it sooner rather than later!

So how will a winner be chosen? Alla will read through all of the letters and pick her top 500. Those 500 letters will then be sent to an independent panel of judges who will pick the winner and tell Alla who they have chosen.

You can read all about the contest details, enter the contest, and find a picture of the home HERE!


Source: KARE 11


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