The NFL Season ended on Sunday night, and many teams and fans are already preparing for next year. Teams will be looking at potential draftees, fans will be posting to websites the moves that their teams should make in order to get their team to the championship game. So what are the purples odds of making the big game? It depends on who you ask. My dad would die of laughter, I'm optimistic, Vegas thinks the Vikings are one of the top-6 teams with the potential to make it. 

Despite coming off of a mediocre season, where fans felt we were just a QB away from our first Lombardi trophy. The Vikings didn't even make the playoffs let alone the championship game. Vegas, however, is optimistic on the purple, they are giving the Vikings fairly good odds to win the Super Bowl in 2020.

Minnesota has 16/1 odds of winning it all, according to Vegas Insider. Only five NFL teams have better odds. Those teams with better odds? New England, Kansas City, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans, and Chicago.

The Vikings have the same odds as these other teams: Indianapolis, Los Angeles Charger, and the San Francisco 49ers at 16/1.

While we are still over 7 months away from any meaningful football, we can at least go to bed with thoughts of Lombardi hoisting and finally filling that empty spot in US Bank Stadiums trophy case.


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