The Corn Cob Water Tower was the first thing I really noticed about Rochester when I came to interview for a job with 106.9 KROC. Honestly, I laughed so hard as I wondered what I was getting myself into.

That job interview was 10+ years ago and a lot has changed since. I got married, bought a house, had two kids, and witnessed amazing growth in our city. I'm excited to see what Rochester will look like 10 years from now with all that's being planned and everything that's currently being built. One thing I can't imagine is Rochester without the Corn Cob tower.

In June, KROC-AM reported Seneca's plans to shut down their Rochester canning operation and yesterday Jeff Kiger from the Post Bulletin reported that the company has started selling off land in Rochester. As of now, the canning complex, where the water tower is located, hasn't been sold. Earlier this summer, Seneca Chief Financial Officer Tim Benjamin said, "the company has not made any decisions concerning the future of the cannery or the iconic corn cob water tower at the site."

The giant ear of corn has towered over Rochester since 1931, will it survive when the canning facility is sold?


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