Many people consider the smell of bacon as one of the most pleasant scents you can experience in the morning. Most people, I would assume, probably don't want to wake up to the smell of the pig itself - let alone whatever hundreds of pigs smell like. That's why I'm guessing a bunch of people in SE Minnesota must be feeling a sense of relief today.

That's because the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently denied a permit for a potential giant hog farm in Fillmore County, which was set to be constructed near Mabel. The MPCA denied the permit based on the threat to public health in the area. Apparently 19 out of 24 townships in the county already have issues with drinking water safety standards, so having to deal with a large pig farm would likely make matters worse.

Why I'm sure there's another side to the debate, I personally can't imagine how relieved the people who live in that area must be right now. Just picture yourself having to live next to a giant, stinky pig farm. No thank you.

Source: KIMT

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