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So many times I've walked into a Rochester Minnesota Hy-Vee, Target, or Amy Swain's and there are people sitting in their cars. I leave the place, and they're still there. Just sitting. It looks like they're doing nothing. But are they? Let's find out.

Are We Mostly Doing The Same Thing In Our Cars?

The most popular response was waiting for someone. Could be someone in a store, at play practice, whoever.

Close after that is some form of "taking a break from people." Those people could be their kids, their customers, their co-workers, or even their sweetie pie.

drivers with a bottle alcohol
What is this guy's deal? ANYONE? (Vladimir Mucibabic)

Then eating, watching TikToks, napping, and reading/listening to the radio filled out the top four.

What follows are 16 slides with what I think are the best of the over 120 responses. Some call me out for being nosey (was I being nosey?), some are poignant, and others are just plain funny. There's even a little battle of the sexes in there.

"Brushing up on my rap skills"

What Are People Doing When They Just Sit In Their Car for A Long Time?

On Facebook I asked, "Just curious - people who sit in their car in a parking lot for long periods of time, what are you doing?" And wow, did I get the answers. Most of them were waiting for other people,. but plenty were interesting or thought I was a snoopy snoop.

Alex Ortberg says this Rochester. is in a class all its own when it comes to sitting in our cars for a long time...

"Seriously though... I have never witnessed this phenomenon more than I have in Rochester! Nothing against the people who do it, I just find it strange that this city has so many people that do that. I wonder what they're doing?"

Scroll slowly and you'll find out just what they're doing...

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