After almost two years of holding out, I finally bit the bullet and nabbed myself a Nintendo Switch last month. First off, ZERO REGRETS. It's insanely fun. And It turns out that my purchase might have been made in the nick of time, because I could have ended up paying a lot more had I waited.

That's because after the Trump administration's impending tariffs on Chinese goods are set to cost consumers $840 million more for gaming consoles...and that's according to a joint letter written by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. The three major gaming companies sent the government a letter warning that a 25% tariff hike will end up harming the gaming industry and its employees, as 96% of all gaming consoles were constructed in China last year. Critics of the tariffs argue that the added costs will just be passed on to American consumers.

And that's definitely a bummer if the potential price hike on gaming consoles ends up making them too expensive for many families. Honestly, consoles are already pricey as it is. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! well as the man-children like myself!

Whether this all goes into effect remains to be seen, but if you're a hardcore gamer, consider this an excuse to treat yourself juuuust in case.

Source: Vice

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