I have some bad news for you, beer lovers. Your favorite hobby may soon be getting a little more expensive.

That’s because President Trump announced new trade policies this week, which includes a 10% tariff on aluminum. These changes will go into effect over the coming weeks, which may end up forcing brewers across the country to raise the price of canned beer. That’s because the price of aluminum will also be rising, which will make beer cans more expensive to produce. A lot of beer producers, including MillerCoors, aren’t too happy about the new trade rules. The 10% tariff is estimated to cost beer producers about $256 million.

The good news? This shouldn’t affect the cost of beer that comes in glass bottles, so you may want to keep a bottle opener on you at all times. Or maybe we can all switch to drinking beer from plastic bags like astronauts. That…actually could be pretty cool.

Source: Thrillist

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