Parts of Minnesota saw some flurries early Thursday morning, but when in the season do we in Rochester usually see the real first snow?

Well, it depends on what we're actually calling 'snow'. Reports of flurries, like parts of Minnesota saw last Thursday (or like they're saying we could possibly see later this week) aren't really what the weather folk call 'measurable snow.' So it's kind of a grey area. You might well see some furious, white out-type flurries but because it didn't stick on the ground, it doesn't officially count as our first snow.

In fact, according to former ABC-6 morning meteorologist Cindy Morgan, the earliest date there was measurable snow at Rochester International Airport was... September 26th! Yikes. That's a little early, isn't it?!? Thankfully that wasn't this year.

Meanwhile, Cindy says the latest in the season RST has seen measurable snow was... December 19th. Now, that seems a little late, doesn't it? I mean, you're under a week until Christmas at that point-- and hopes of a white Christmas were probably getting pretty grim.

So while those are the extremes, when is the average date we see some measurable snow here in Rah-Rah-Rochester? Well, Cindy reports that'd be... November 5th, which, if you ask me, still seems a wee bit early.

If I were King of the Weather for Southeast Minnesota, I'd pick the weekend before Thanksgiving for our first snow. That way, a little white stuff on the ground heading into the short Thanksgiving week would help us all get in the holiday spirit, but yet we could still enjoy some genuine Minnesota fall weather up until then. Can somebody make that happen?!?

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