It might just be because today's the last day of school for this year, but I saw something strange earlier this week involving a Rochester school bus.

Now, before we get rolling here, let me state several things for the record: First, I don't have any kids, so I'm only going on what I saw in person. And, second, I'm apparently becoming a grumpy old man who shakes his fist at the sky.

Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but what's up with school buses that stop several times in the same block to drops kids off at their doorstep?!?

That's what I saw happening one afternoon while I was out walking our dog earlier this week. A Rochester school bus stopped at the corner to let a few kids off, then it drove on, only to stop again, this time in the middle of the block. More kids got off. Then it finally continued on to the end of the block where it stopped yet again and more kids exited the bus.

So here's the grumpy old man in me coming out: Why isn't there just ONE bus stop, at the corner, where ALL the kids in that neighborhood could get off the bus?!?

That's what we did when I was a kid in school and I took the bus (which, granted, was sooo long ago, it seems like it was shortly after buses were first invented). We all met at the corner a few blocks from my house, where the school bus picked us up and then dropped us off again. Sure, we had to...gasp...WALK a few blocks, but come on-- we were kids, we had tons of energy.

So why aren't kids today walking to the bus stop on the corner? What's with the door-to-door bus service?!? Was this just an instance of the bus driver being nice during the last few days of the year? Or does everyone get door-to-door service like this?!?

And, more importantly, why didn't we have it when I was their age?!? ;)

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