Did anybody else close their eyes and whisper "please don't suck, please don't suck" when they clicked to see the results? Winters here sincerely kick my butt, so when I see these predictions they at least give me an ounce of hope that we will have a decent winter. Well, that is what they are predicting this year - a warmer than average season. YES!!!!!!!!

Bring me the News reports, that the December-February temperature outlook shows that most of Minnesota will have "a 50 percent chance of above average temps." So you're telling me there's a chance? I hate when they say a 50% chance. Like cool, it may or may not suck. Whatever, I'm choosing to be optimistic with this one.

Why are they predicting warmer weather? El Niño – the warming of the Pacific Ocean that happens every two to seven years.

What is the average temp in Rochester in the winter? December - 26, January - 22 and February - 27. If we can stay above those marks, and out of the below zero range, I'll be a happy Minnesota girl.


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