Imagine, for a moment, that you’re walking around Quarry Hill or Apache Mall when suddenly, you’re approached by a dog. The dog doesn’t appear threatening, as its bright red vest immediately informs you that it’s a service animal.  You don’t see any potential owner of the dog anywhere, and you get the idea that the dog is trying to get your attention. What do you do?

I didn’t know until now, but the dog is trying to get your attention for a very important reason. Service dogs can be trained for many scenarios, including when their owner is having a seizure. I came across this viral post on tumblr trying to get the word out:

If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help.

The full post is worth a read, but that's the main takeaway. So if this ever happens to you, you're advised to follow that dog (or at least find help from someone in the area). You just might end up saving a life.

Good boy!

Source: tumblr

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