I'm just gonna say it. He's probably not going to play (drums) with them anymore. Not because he doesn't want to. Trust me, he does. But not with Axl Rose.

AC/DC Rock Or Bust Tour - Sunrise, FL
Gustavo Caballero

He told the Bay Of Plenty Times, “If Angus wanted me to play then that is up to him, but I don’t really want to play with Axl Rose … I don’t really rate him.” So far, the plan for AC/DC is to continue to use Axl's offered services - so, as long as that's going on, Phil isn't interested.

Not to mention, Phil just revealed that he had a heart attack recently. He explains, “I was just at home walking around at home, and I started feel, well just funny,” he told the Bay of Plenty Times. “You know how you can feel funny? I had a strange pain in my chest. So my housekeeper took me to the hospital, when they hooked me up and did all these tests turned out I had a big heart attack … my artery was all blocked up, and they said I had to stay in and have an operation.”

He's doing well now, thankfully, but he'll need to rest. He's also swimming in legal issues that are currently still working themselves out. He's also mentioned an interest in going solo.

Who knows what he'll do next, but it looks like AC/DC is on the back burner for him.

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