This might not be so weird since Johnny Depp has been dipping his toe back into the rock waters lately, but Korn just seems like a really odd choice for him...

He's played with Marilyn Manson, he's a part of The Hollywood Vampires with royal icons Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, and overall - just seems like more of a hard rock guy than a nu-metal one.

Metal Injection tried explaining this as simply as possible, by stating, "Depp and Korn were guests of Alice Cooper at his annual "Christmas Pudding" benefit show. Depp was there to perform with Hollywood Vampires and special guests including Jack Black, who once starred in the movie Nacho Libre."

Oh, okay.... so that explains this...

Nacho Libre with @brianheadwelch and the Deppster!!! @johnnydepp_daily #backstagewithdepp

A video posted by Fieldy (@fieldykorn) on

Yeah, I laughed at that too! Hard. Leave it to Fieldy to start off a Nacho Libre rendition "Encarnación!" I hope we see some sort of collaboration from those two figures soon! Do you?

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