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While driving around Downtown Rochester on Google Street View I discovered something. As you can see in the picture, they're a big blur over the Marriott, but why? Is something super secret being hidden there? Google usually blurs faces, but not buildings ...not even the Federal Medical Center is blurred.

Google - Federal Medical Center, Rochester MN

So what gives? Then I remembered you can go back in time, so looked at the same intersection over the years. I started with 2015. No blur.But a nice day!


2018, nope. Blur-less. Everyone can see the Marriott.


And then the newest screen shot again. 2020 and the hotel is missing.


Or maybe they were trying to blur out a celebrity and just got carried away? Or maybe the boss of Google Street View was in town, cheating on their significant other, and it showed up in this shot. Minnesota may never know.

I reached out to Google, but haven't heard back. Maybe they're busy, or maybe they're covering-up something? Either way, it sure is odd. Almost as odd as that time a Mayo Clinic Building disappeared.

In 2016, I invited everyone to join me for a wild ride!

Join me as I reveal Mayo Clinic's pioneering spirit has done it again. They've created a way not just to make a brand new building disappear. They've found a way to make you think it's something else entirely!
Feast your eyes on this...

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