When we first heard that WWE's Smackdown was making its way to Xcel Energy Center on February 28th, we were a little bit excited...

Val is going to be at Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill on Tuesday night (2/21) from 7-9 pm. While she's there, she'll have plenty of tickets to go to Smackdown this month! Sound good? Here's what you need to know...

WWE Smackdown - Sydney
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  • Come to Wildwood on Tuesday, from 7-9 pm.
  • Register to win at Val's table!
  • Every 15 minutes, she'll draw a winning name for the tickets!
  • Make sure it's you by entering to win!

We're only giving away these tickets at Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill. There is no other way to get them from us.! Not on the air, or online, but here IN PERSON. So, you've really gotta be there! Don't be that guy that hears "you had to be there!"

We seriously can't wait for this! Are you ready to see Smackdown live?

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