With that Winter Storm Warning that's already dumped 4 to 8 inches on us and blowing and drifting snow in the forecast later today, what we need is a dog like THIS one to grab his shovel and help get those sidewalks and driveways cleared out!


Wait, a dog that shovels snow? It's true. With all the snow that's already fallen (and still falling) across southeast this morning, I don't know about you, but I could use several of these dogs.

Now, I should point out that I have a real fondness for German Shepherds-- the first dog we had when I was a kid was Lucky, a German Shepherd-- so I found this video, starring Gangster, the German Shepherd, pretty cute right off the bat.

And check out how handy Gangster actually is! According to the YouTube video, Gangster really LOVES the snow-- because he gets to help his owner shovel.

Talk about being Man's Best Friend! And check it out-- Gangster actually looks like he could move a pretty good amount of snow, too.

Our dog, Asher, is from Texas and this is his first Minnesota winter. He likes chasing tennis balls and playing frisbee in the snow, but I'm guessing he probably wouldn't have had any idea on how to work a snow shovel.

So, I guess it'll just be me behind the snowblower when I get home. But I'll be thinking about how much of a help Gangster would be while I do it!

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