Recently news broke that there was an investigation going on involving players with the Proctor High School football team. This investigation, which had been categorized at "student misconduct" eventually led the school to cancel the 2021 football season.

While it was obvious this was something very serious, there has be very little information released to the public, which authorities and school officials have said was due to minors being involved in what is an ongoing investigation.

However, there have been a lot of comments made on social media and within the community about what allegedly happened and they've all been consistent in detail and they're very disturbing to say the least.

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Then, on Saturday, October 2, WCCO-TV out of Minneapolis produced a report on the alleged incident, which included an on-camera student interview.

According to the report produced by Liz Collin, a Worthington, Minnesota native who is a multi-Emmy-Award-winning reporter and anchor for WCCO-TV, the alleged incident is indeed very disturbing. You can see her report below.

Obviously this is a very disturbing and delicate situation and there are a lot of opinions circulating all over the Northland. There are several families directly involved and an entire community that is being impacted.

The hope is that a thorough investigation gets properly completed, those who are guilty of any "misconduct" are held accountable and the healing process can begin within the community.

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