When you're at work, and it's been a long, busy day, there's really nothing like being able to take a quick little break to clear your head. Sometimes you need to grab some lunch or just go for a walk before you go back to your big project.

Unless you're a group of painters working on a water tower in Sussex, Wisconsin. Then you should probably finish the job first. Or at least paint over one more letter, lest a few pearl-clutchers get up in arms. That's what happened when a bunch of painters in Sussex decided to let the paint dry before getting back to their big water tower project:

Okay, I take that back. Procrastination can be pretty useful now and then. Bravo, guys. I see you.

Apparently, one mother nearly drove off the road after her kid pointed it out.

While she understood that many adults (rightfully) find this hilarious (because it is), she pointed out: "People should remember that kids are seeing it."

She sounds delightful.

Source: KARE 11


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