I've gotten the impression that food delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats have been getting more popular as of late. It's a pretty good idea in theory; sometimes you're craving some grub from a certain restaurant, but they don't deliver and you're way too lazy to pick it up yourself. That's where services like DoorDash can come to your rescue by having someone pick up your order and deliver it straight to your door.


Can the person delivering your food truly be trusted? After hearing this story, I'm...not so sure.

A family in California recently placed an order from Cold Stone Creamery using the DoorDash app. A 14-year-old answered the door and received his milkshake from the delivery guy. Everything seemed fine! I'm sure that milkshake tasted delicious.

(Although it's kind of weird to me that someone would want ice cream delivered to them, but I digress)

That is, until the family looked at their door camera the next day. That's when they discovered that the delivery driver took a sip out of the milkshake juuuuuust as he was about to ring the doorbell.

That. Is. Disgusting. As of this writing, the family has yet to receive an official apology from the company. Maybe just make your milkshakes at home next time?

Source: Q13 Fox

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