It's been about 2 weeks on social media that I have been seeing this video of two grown men standing across from each other separated by a table, slapping the facial hair off one another, in what appears to be a competition. Behold the competitive sport from Russia that is the 'Male Slapping Championship'.

What you just witnessed was the first ever 'Male Slapping Championship' held in Siberia, Russia. The men were competing for 30,000 rubles ($466 U.S. Dollars), according to the Moscow Times, and the pride of knowing they can concuss any Russian male with a meaty full paw slap. The rules are simple to follow, as both competitors stand opposite of each other before a table. One gets slapped, then the slap is returned. If you can’t continue, you lose.

Several media sites have stated that the late March champion was bearded big-boy Vasiliy Kamotskiy, who in the video is the shirtless fella with the back hair. Clearly back hair adds to the intimidation factor for competitors, along with power.

This could be the future of sports online, and I for one will enjoy watching it.

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