Pictured Rocks is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and every few years, it makes its danger known.  Last Saturday, boaters caught a video of a large portion of the Pictured Rocks cliff face falling into Lake Superior.

The cliffs at Pictured Rocks are sandstone, which is why the cliff face will shed rock into the lake more often than you'd think.  The waves caused by the rock falling into Lake Superior can be anywhere from just a few feet, to a few dozen feet in height.  In the most recent video, the waves reached over 10 feet tall.

According to an interview with TV 6, the boater said, "We could hear the cliff wall ‘popping and cracking’ and within 60 seconds a section of cliff approximately 200 feet wide fell before us. The splash and swell wave were very dramatic."

You can watch the video of the cliff face falling below.  (WARNING: There is NSFW language in the video that may not be suitable for children.)

These cliff face collapses aren't as rare as you might think.  Two years ago, some drone footage caught video of a large section of the Pictured Rocks cliff face falling into Lake Superior near some kayakers.  You can watch that video from August of 2019 here.  The splash from the rocks falling in that video reached almost the height of the entire cliff face.

Pictured Rocks is a National Park located on the lakeshore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula.  You can learn more about the park on their website.

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