Korn's The Serenity of Suffering is the crushing return to the classic sound old school fans had been waiting for. Songs like "A Different World" boast familiar twitchy lead guitar playing and slugging rhythms, but this one is unique, featuring a guest spot from Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor. The band has now shared footage of both Taylor and Korn singer Jonathan Davis tracking their vocals in the studio as seen in the video above.

Before showing the singers behind the microphone, Davis speaks with his son Zeppelin, explaining how when he was Zeppelin's age he watched his dad record in the same spot where the mic was set up. The Korn frontman delivers his signature paranoid vocal style and then the video cuts to the bridge where Taylor makes his appearance, sliding from a soothing croon to his feral bark. Screaming, his energy is palpable as a vein on the left side of his neck bulges with each word.

There's some humor at the end as Taylor goes to leave the studio. Guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch walks him up to a Toyota Prius, much to the Slipknot singer's dismay. "What are you, f--king nuts? Dude, you're in Korn man! What the f--k!?" Head attempts to assuage the disgruntled frontman, explaining, "It has a great safety rating," but it's too late as Taylor walks off fuming.

When Head visited our studio, he explained how he initially got Taylor's lyrics mixed up, thinking he was screaming "Order! Order!" instead of "Harder! Harder!" Head shed some light on a comedic moment, stating, “At first he said, ‘Give it to me harder, harder!’ And then he’s like, ‘I’d better not say that. That’s kind of weird.’” Despite this, these lines made their way into the song. See the full explanation in the video below.

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