For those of you who are working downtown tomorrow, you might get a chance to see something cool – something REALLY cool, actually! Since construction season in Rochester is pretty never-ending, you may have noticed all those massive construction cranes everywhere. Seeing one downtown is about as normal as seeing a car. And while many of the companies running those cranes have outstanding safety records, the Rochester Fire Department still wants to make sure they're prepared in case the worst happens.

That's why the RFD is undergoing a big training operation tomorrow. How does this operation involve cranes, you may ask? Basically, 18 members of the RFD will be practicing different emergency scenarios involving trench rescues, structural collapses, and other high-risk, low-frequency events. They’ll be using specialized equipment and rope systems to practice rescuing workers who are “trapped” on the tall cranes. This almost seems like being able to watch an action flick in real life.

These RFD members are also part of an “all-hazards” rescue team known as the awesomely-named Minnesota Task Force 1. So if you're downtown tomorrow, you might get a chance to watch some real-life heroics!

The training will run from 9AM to 3PM on the site of the 20-story Hilton Hotel at 10 South Broadway.

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