It's one of the most well-known riffs in rock history; most guitarists learn AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at some stage in their playing. So it's fitting that 457 musicians gathered in Sydney, Australia, the home of AC/DC, to try to set the record for "Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble" playing one of the country's most notable songs.

According to Reverb, the 457 guitarists would smash the current record which was set in 2013 when 368 guitarists gathered in India to perform "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." While the event took place over the weekend, it has not officially been declared the record as of yet as Guinness may sometimes take up to six weeks to verify the results of a record-setting attempt.

You can watch the "Highway to Hell" performance in the video posted above. The attempt came during the Sydney Guitar Festival, with money raised at the event going to the Australian Children's Music Foundation, which provides music education classes and instruments for disadvantaged children.

As for when we might actually see the real AC/DC performing "Highway to Hell" again, that remains to be seen. There was speculation last week that the band may be up to something as current members Angus and Stevie Young, as well as estranged members Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd were all spotted outside the Vancouver studio where they've recorded their most recent albums.

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