Leave it to Peeps to completely dominate Easter in any fashion! Should they be part of our oreos, though?

While I was running errands over the weekend, I passed the cookie aisle at the grocery store and saw them sitting there... PEEP FLAVORED OREOS. What is this madness!?

Just Born Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps Candy
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I don't like Peeps, particularly, BUT I do like Oreos - so I figured I would at least give this new concoction a try.

When my officemate, Scotty Matthews, saw the bag of Peeps flavored Oreos on my desk, he revealed that he never tried them either!


Yeah, our vote is a no go for these. WAYYYYYYY TOOOO MUCH SUGAR!

And for those of you saying "well, duh"... hey! we didn't know how it would go until we actually tried them! Have you had these newly flavored oreos yet?

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