I’m a big fan of rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber. It’s super convenient to summon a cab ride straight from your smart phone, and would have made weekends in college a lot easier. That being said, I have noticed a growing concern when it comes to apps gathering data on you or tracking your location. That’s a bit on the creepy side, no?

Uber has gotten a lot of flack in the news lately, but one thing users have been complaining about is one of the app’s newer features that would track your movement after your ride has been completed. Uber said the feature is meant to improve ETA estimates, but a growing number of complaints, including reports that some employees were using it to track celebrities and certain passengers, have led Uber to kill the feature altogether.

So good news, Uber riders! Now you can use the app and not be tracked after your ride! I think it’s a good call to remove creepy features like that; especially since I didn’t know that had existed until now. Whoops!

Credit: Vice News

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