"Everyone, please evacuate the building.  Everyone must clear the building now."

Those words are a bit shocking to hear as you are in a soundproof booth, with headphones on, recording commercials.  Luckily, I didn't have music playing otherwise I may not have heard that message at all.

I wasn't sure what was going on but I did know that these aren't words that you mess around with.  I quickly grabbed my car keys, walked down the stairs, and left the Townsquare Media building.

Turns out, some of the construction that has been happening around our building had a mishap today.  We heard a lot of thuds throughout the day and one of those noises was actually a gas line that was knicked.

Our staff got the all-clear to return to the building after 30 minutes and we are all safe, thanks to the many individuals that rushed to our building from the Rochester Fire Department.

In fact, the fireman told us that we all get a gold star because we actually cleared the building.  Sounds like they have had some other calls similar to the one at Townsquare Media and when they arrive to help they find that people are still inside, thinking it is just a drill.

Safety first!  Sounds like some drills might need to happen at a few locations in town.

I'm back to work but just wanted to say "thanks" to all of our staff at Townsquare Media who helped make sure everyone was out of the building and thank you to the Rochester Fire Department for your quick response and help today!

Townsquare Media in Rochester Evacuated

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