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Tonight at 6, Live Music and a drive-in movie for the whole family is happening at the Olmsted County History Center!

For $25 a car, you'll LOVE Loud Mouth Brass Band, and then Night at the Museum courtesy of Pandemic Pictures Presents. There will be pizza & ice cream sandwiches, fresh-popped popcorn, and more!

The COVID-19 prevention practices are tightly stay in your car, and turn on your radio to hear the band and the movie. With your radio, it's super surround sound! Oh, and remember to bring blankets, because your kids will almost certainly fall asleep at some point.

Limit 100 cars, so get your tickets now here. If you don't make it to tonight's event, don't worry, they are holding a new drive-in movie event every Friday night through September.

Haven't heard the Loud Mouth Brass Band? Click play!

Haven't seen Night at the Museum? It's a hoot!

Once night falls, Larry discovers that the exhibits come to life, including a playful Tyrannosaurus skeleton nicknamed "Rexy" who behaves like a dog, a mischievous capuchin monkey named Dexter, rival miniature civilizations led by Old West cowboy Jedediah and Roman general Octavius, abusive, limb-ripping Attila the Hun, an Easter Island Moai obsessed with "gum-gum", and a wax model of Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt explains that since an Egyptian artifact — the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah — came to the museum in 1952, all of the exhibits come to life each night. If the exhibits are outside the museum during sunrise, they turn to dust. Roosevelt helps Larry by restoring order, but only for one night.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

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