It looks like Tommy Lee's wife, Brittany Furlan, got the rocker good with a prank involving the Motley Crue drummer's luxury ride. But Lee seemed none too pleased with the stunt.

It was all to celebrate the musician's upcoming solo album, Andro, which finds Lee creating in swaths of hip-hop and industrial as opposed to the more traditional brand of glam rock for which Crue is known.

As evidenced in a TikTok video shared by Lee on Monday (Oct. 12), Furlan took the drummer's Rolls-Royce and had it fully wrapped in colors matching the hot pink and aqua blue that adorns the Andro album art.

Watch the TikTok clip down toward the bottom of this post.

The custom car mod appears complete with prominent Tommy Lee Andro logos on the vehicle's hood and door panels. In the clip, Furlan makes it seem as if she had the ride wrapped without Lee's permission.

Before leading the drummer to the vivid surprise with his eyes closed, Furlan excitedly explains, "I have a surprise for Tommy. I took his car, and I had it wrapped with his new album cover."

But Lee fumes after he sees the Rolls.

"What the fuck?" he asks spouse. "What the fuck did you do to my car?"

Furlan tells the Motley Crue member that he can "drive it around, do all your own promoting. … You don't have to hire a publicist 'cause look how many people are going to see!"

The video ends with Lee saying, "I'm gonna fuckin' kill myself."

Of course, the drummer might be in on the prank, but it's still a pretty funny video.

Andro comes out this Friday (Oct. 16).

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