To the stranger that came up to me while I was eating at Texas Roadhouse in Rochester, Minnesota...

It was a normal Friday night for our Rochester, Minnesota family. We went through the typical "Where do you want to eat?" conversation and finally ended up at one of our go-to places: Texas Roadhouse. What happened while we were eating was not on the menu though.

It is starting to get chilly and on those days, I have a hat on pretty much all day. When that fall chill hits, it keeps me cozy. And, keeping my hat on means that I don't really have to care what my hair looks like.  ;)  This also means that I broke some sort of societal rule when I kept my hat on when I was eating at Texas Roadhouse.  (sorry...but I was cold)

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

The kid and hubby were eating peanuts, waiting for more amazing bread, and I was eating my salad when a woman came to our table.


She didn't have the dancing boots or "I love my job" t-shirt that the staff was wearing, so I really had no idea who she was.  What she said to me next is something I will never forget...

Thank you for buying that hat.

I let her know that my hubby was the one that actually bought me my "Love Your Melon" hat for my birthday. She then went on to thank my husband as well.

Why the Love Your Melon hat meant so much to this stranger at the Texas Roadhouse in Rochester, Minnesota

Her conversation with us was short and sweet but ended with her telling us that she had a child who had cancer and she is so thankful for those who help by purchasing items that give back to the cause.

To the random and very nice woman who came up to me at Texas Roadhouse, I didn't catch your name but just know, I felt your words and your heart. What I didn't tell you, is that I would buy 1,000 hats if I had the money. Watching two siblings fight leukemia, a father fight multiple cancer types, a mom who battled breast cancer, and having worked and met over 100 cancer survivors in our area through the previous LIVESTRONG program at the Rochester Area Family YMCA ... a cure needs to happen.

Thank you for being a brave mom and stopping by my table on a Friday night.

- Jessica Williams

My Top 5 Favorite Love Your Melon Items Right Now (Including a few I have already!)


Fifty percent (50%) of net profit from the sale of all Love Your Melon products is given to nonprofit organizations around the world that lead the fight against pediatric cancer. Together, we create therapeutic experiences and fund charitable programming initiatives for children and families battling cancer. -

If you've been wanting to get a Love Your Melon hat for yourself or have been thinking of getting one as a gift for someone, I found a few favorites that you can get with just a few clicks.

Here's the hat that I had on at Texas Roadhouse!  Mine is more of a dark teal but besides the color, it is the same.

I love the color of this hat.

I have this hat too but I found it while thrifting up in St. Paul.  That was quite the experience but a pretty profitable one.  I took a few photos and wrote down some tips to help other thrifters out.  You can see those at the story I wrote, "Thrifting Gone Wild is Real and Happens at 3 Popular Stores in Minnesota".

This one is fun!

I love this look on others but not on me...infinity scarves.

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