Stop that! I see you!

You are not law enforcement, you do not get to dictate how people drive. You do not get to drive in the middle of the highway to stop people from zipper merging. You are the problem, not the people that are driving past you. You know why? Because they're following the rules and you're not!

I'm seriously surprised no one laid on their horn at you. If I was behind you I for SURE would have, but, alas, I was in front of you. The point of the zipper merge is to not slow down traffic. Clearly, you don't comprehend that because you slowed down traffic even more by driving in the middle of the highway.

Not only is what you did SUPER annoying, but it's also quite dangerous for you and, oh, probably illegal. Maybe there should be cops that sit by places where people need to zipper merge to watch for people like you. Hmmm, there's an idea. Petition anyone?

Moral of the story: continuing to drive in the lane that's closed until the very end is how you zipper merge (like a zipper on a jacket, get it?), driving in the middle of an extremely busy highway is not.

End rant.


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