There's a push to get Van Halen to play the Super Bowl next year. Regardless of your musical tastes, Lady Gaga did a pretty good job at the Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently it's cool to hate on her because she's not "rock" but how can you say with a straight face, that this years halftime show sucked? For the music she plays, she nailed it AND she didn't lip sync of it. She's a great musician with a great voice. That goes a long way with me.

Now, on to next year's SB. This one will be held at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and it would be great to see a rock act this time around. A couple I'd like to see would be Metallica, Journey, AC/DC and definitely Van Halen.

There's a hashtag going around now to make Van Halen happen. #VanHalenforSB52.

What better way to celebrate a big party than with America's party band?

Let's make it happen, cap'n.

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