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Got your attention? Then let's start with the most important part of this...if you bring it in, bring it back out. There are fewer trash cans in our parks so its up to us to not pretend our mom is still picking up after us.

In a "Spotted in Rochester" Facebook Post, Chris Holter said, "How are we so damn lazy not to pick up and leave no trace? Beautiful day with trash, and dog poop bags."

And I say...right? It's just like the jerk-head-crap-faces that dump their ashtrays out on the street, parking lots, and sidewalks. If you don't want your trash, why do you think we do? We don't, so knock-it-off.

CREDIT: Chris Holter
CREDIT: Chris Holter

Back in April, this story hit Rochester like a storm...they were removing trash bins from many of our parks. 

The Rochester Parks Dept. has announced a new policy dealing with waste collection at its sites based on the model “Pack In, Pack Out” or “Leave No Trace.” The department collects approximately 600 tons of trash from parks and city annually - and most comes from somewhere else. (Keep reading here.)

I know someone is reading this saying to themselves (or out loud to their sweetie pie), "If they hadn't taken the cans out of the parks, we wouldn't have this problem!"  Ahhhhhhshushitup, Franklin. Is the problem really the trash cans or do you just like griping? Cuz if you think about it....

Who should be held accountable here? The people assuming we're advanced enough to police our own trash or the people littering? I say the litter-freaks. Every dang time. The people camping in Minnesota's state parks have no trouble taking out what they brig in, so I'm not cutting slack here.

RS10139_494603183 lack of slack

We're in a pandemic, your trash could be diseased. Don't make other people pick it up. We're none of us your mom (and even your mom or dad shouldn't have to pick up after you, OK?*)

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