Some of you in Rochester might know this already, but there's one Mayo doctor who has an exceptional voice!

Inside Edition shared this awesome video last night.

You just heard the smooth sounds of Dr. Elvis Francois, an orthopedic surgery resident at Mayo Clinic. In this clip, he's singing a Nina Simone classic.

The article explains, "In a recent video posted to Francois’ Instagram, the doctor smoothly sings “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. This particular serenade was posted after a spine trauma case, he said. The doctor believes “music is medicine." He started singing in between surgeries at his Rochester clinic last year."

They mention his Instagram account (it's private), which can be found here. He posts the occasional singing videos there.

He's no stranger to singing for the staff either! Dr. Elvis, keep it up! How cool is it to have someone like this in our community?

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