While one of the first things people associate Minnesota with are our 10,000 lakes, there's also plenty of other things to do like the occasional hiking, camping, and canoeing. But if none of those tickle your fancy, perhaps a twisty trip through the trees toward the top of a mountain in a roller coaster will do the trick?

Credit: Spirit Mountain/Facebook

The Timber Twister alpine coaster at Spirit Mountain in Duluth can give you both an adventure through their beautiful northern Minnesota forest, all while giving you a breathtaking view of Duluth and its 3,200-foot mountainside as you race down it at an exhilarating 26 mph!

If that's too fast, the carts are equipped with brakes so you can certainly slow yourself down a bit around its corners to appreciate the scenery, including the St. Louis River below. Zip lines are also part of the experience at Spirit Mountain!

However, the Adventure Park does accommodate those of us who don't need a jump in our heart rate, as it also contains a miniature golf course while also offering mountain bike trails, and camping... and that's just during its summer months! During the winter you can also hike, ski and snowboard down its slopes.

The Alpine Twister is closed for repairs, but is set to be ready to go by Memorial Day!

If you'd like directions to get there for a fun summer weekend getaway, you can get those and their hours of operation HERE.

Credit: Spirit Mountain/Facebook
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