The phrase was a common one on Twitter when a Snapchat video was shared showing what appears to be a man getting in a vehicle, kicking the driver out of the vehicle, and driving off in it after an accident on Lake Street in Minneapolis. "Why weren't the doors locked?" 

The alleged incident happened on Sunday at the intersection of Lake Street and Cedar Ave in Minneapolis. According to a WCCO-TV report, the "man was arrested Sunday evening after he allegedly stole a vehicle and crashed multiple times in Minneapolis."

Here is the video that was shared to Twitter by user @ikran, WARNING there is language not suitable for work, or children in this video.


The unknown suspect, after taking the vehicle, was then involved in a crash at 13th Avenue and Cedar with the stolen car. The suspect then fled the scene and crashed again at Cedar and 38th Street.

Ninth Ward Councilwoman Alondra Cano responded to the Tweet indicating the suspect's arrest.

Image Credit: Twitter User @CMCanoMPLS
Image Credit: Twitter User @CMCanoMPLS

What's the most disturbing part of this whole thing is that there is a crowd of people, just filming on their phones, rather than trying to assist this woman who is being car-jacked. Maybe the suspect had a knife or other weapon on him that isn't visible in the video.

I would like to think that around here someone would have tried to step in and assist this woman rather than hopping on their phone and videoing the incident.

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