A buddy of mine sent this to me this morning, and I had to share it because I'm still laughing. I'm a sucker for any pranks that scare the absolute sh** out of someone, and this doesn't disappoint. It seems like this jogger is genuinely freaked out, but just as a rule I like to assume that every prank video I find on the Internet is 100% real. Just like most things on the Internet! Life is definitely more fun that way.

Anyway, just imagine yourself jogging along a Silver Lake bike path, when this thing suddenly jumps out at you. I don't know about you, but my reaction would probably be similar to this dude's:

So good. Also, not sure where I could actually score a raptor costume like the one this pranker has, but it looks insanely realistic to me. This needs to be my Halloween costume this year. I must have it. So many buddies to freak out.

Credit: YouTube

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