Hey everyone, meet Chad! Chad has been at this Minnesota animal shelter for nearly 10 years! Let's change that today! My wife and I are suckers for animals in need. All three of the cats we have had have been adopted from animal shelters as we feel that all animals deserve a loving home. I recently found out from a friend of ours that a cat at the Mower County Humane Society in Austin has been there for nearly 10 years! That my friends is WAY too long for any animal or anyone!

Our friend Michaela volunteers at the Mower County Humane Society and she shared Chad's story and little about him.

"Please understand there is nothing “wrong” with Chad or the shelter because they are both amazing! He has just been over looked for far too long. So let’s break the internet until Chad finds his forever home by sharing his picture! Chad is around 10 years young and waiting for his golden years to be the absolute best years. He is a friendly guy who will make a great addition to any family as the only cat."

Here is another picture of Chad.

Image Credit: Michaela Tews

If you've ever visited a shelter, you'll know it can be tough to see ALL of the animals there. Some of the adoptable critters might be shy around people depending on their history, others might be out at that time on a home visit, or even at another location as the shelter might not be able to hold all of the available animals in-house.

For people who have or have had pet cats know that they are "unique" roommates. But like any living situation, it can take some time to adjust to new surroundings.

If you are looking for a new pet, why not inquire about Chad the cat? You can get more information about adopting Chad here. 

Our two current cats came from the Freeborn County Humane Society and my wife and I swear they realize that we chose them. Here are our two cats Yukon Cornelious (Black) and Hamilton Alexander III (Orange).

Photo Credit: Paul Shea
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

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