Leave it to TMZ to report the very weird! This is probably the only time I'll write about Scott Baio from Charles In Charge! haha!

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We all know Scott is a Trump supporter. He makes no secrets about this. It's not surprising that he would speak at a Trump event in California, but that's exactly where things got weird between he and the wife of drummer Chad Smith.

TMZ explains, "Baio says he was at an event with his daughter Saturday in Thousand Oaks, CA, when Nancy Mack confronted him. Mack, who's married to drummer Chad Smith, is a vocal anti-Trump supporter ... who has called the Prez-elect racist ... began berating and cursing Baio."  Simply put, she questioned his Trump support. Words were exchanged and a possible physical altercation occurred.

Another reports suggests that Mack took things as far as to "show Baio how Trump holds women" and that didn't fly with Baio.

Weird, right?

As of this writing, Mack is listed as a battery suspect, and that's as far as things have gone so far.

Your move, Chad Smith.

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