If there's one season I'll always enjoy above all others, it's fall. Cooler temps, sweats and sweatshirts and of course football are some of my favorite things about it... but man, nothing beats seeing all the trees showcasing their beautiful leaves in the sunlight as you drive around the neighborhoods. We had some awesome foliage up in the Manor here in Rochester, and my daughter really liked it too when we went on our walks... but sadly after this past weekend's wind gusts they're all gone!

I'm almost positive any trace of fall has left the state of Minnesota, except for one small part, and luckily it's in our neck of the woods.

According to the Minnesota DNR's fall color tracker, trees in the vast majority of Minnesota have passed their peak - unless you live near Winona!

John A. Latsch State Park, which overlooks the Mississippi River still has a trace of fall foliage left here in the state.

So just in case you're itching to capture that last glimpse of fall, it's only about a 45-60 minute trip to see it from Rochester. Having gone to Winona State, I can tell you firsthand that the bluffs and the rest of the area are gorgeous, so if this past weekend's forecast is any indication, you might not want to wait much longer or you'll have to wait until next year!

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