It's officially the most wonderful (spooky) time of the year: Halloween season. And for those of us who like making it a month-long celebration (totally worth the weird looks from coworkers when you show up to work in a full costume in mid-October), there are a lot of things to do in the area. First off, make sure to stock up on your candy early. After that, it's time to make a quick drive to Shakopee.

The Trail of Terror is one of the most notable Halloween attractions, and this year it's starting up on the absolute perfect day: Friday the Thirteenth. Spooky.

This year, they're boasting the Midwest's largest indoor maze, which apparently has 25 rooms that stretch for half a mile. Me? I think I want to give this Zombie Paintball thing a try. That looks pretty cool. There's also the Wicked Woods Walk, haunted trailers, escape rooms, and even some events focused around drinking beer. Fun for everyone!

You can take a look through their website for more info.

The Trail of Terror runs in Shakopee this Friday through October 29th.

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