I am a little late to the party on this, as the story was published on Facebook back in October, but I didn't see it until last night when a friend of mine shared the original post. The post is about an Eddie Van Halen fan, who on a whim decided to build the guitarist a guitar stand back in the early 90s. Through some random connections that guitar stand made it to Eddie, and as you will read it stayed with him up until his untimely death. It just goes to show you that some people really appreciate the craftsmanship, even if it may look a little rough.

The guitar stand was in Eddie's 5150 studio, it made it's way into books about Eddie, and of course, there seemed to be at times always a picture or two of it peeking into the frame.

The stand was created in 1992, by Mike Sierras, a then high school graduate who decided to make a guitar stand like the one he made in high school and try to give it to EVH. The stand was painted to match the famous Frankenstrat that Eddie had.

If you read the post, it's just cool to hear that this handmade stand, was so important to Eddie that he kept it close by in his studio and seemingly used it regularly. Mike said it best at the end when he wrote:

"I know it’s just a guitar stand. It’s not going to change the world. But for me personally, to think that the most influential guitarist of all time used something I built with my own hands on a daily basis gives me so much peace. As a guitar builder himself I can only guess that he appreciated the craftsmanship, effort, and care it took." - Mike Sierras on the guitar stand he built for Eddie Van Halen in 1992.


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