Car accidents? Lazy street lights? Construction season? Sure, those could all be perfect reasons for any traffic jam. But this is Rochester, and there's one scenario you always forget about until it happens to you... usually when you're in a hurry somewhere.

I grew up in a small farm community, so you're used to seeing stray animals wandering the streets from time to time. But when you live in the 3rd largest city in Minnesota, you wouldn't think you'd have to deal with wildlife disrupting your daily commutes, and yet, here we are...

My buddy Nick Meeker shot this video Tuesday morning, no doubt on his was to the office as he was stuck inside another "traffic jam" along 7th Street and West Silver Lake Drive NE.

Catching a flock of ducks, or geese around this part of town is pretty commonplace considering Silver Lake is nearby. But if you ask me, that family was crossing the street awfully cocky-like... almost like they knew they could take their sweet time.

Damn geese.

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