You know what's a fun under-the-radar activity to do now and then? Checking out the many smaller towns scattered across the great state of Minnesota. Odds are, you'll find some cool hidden gems and some fascinating history. I love checking out buildings that have been around for over a century. So which Minnesota town has the most history?

That's why I decided to do a little research this afternoon:

Where is the oldest town in Minnesota?

Thanks to the folks at INSIDER, I now know that the oldest town in the North Star State is...


Wabasha, MN was established in 1830, despite being occupied since 1826. That's roughly 20 years ahead of Rochester, which was founded in 1854. Keep in mind that there is a little controversy about which town is the oldest in Minnesota; some believe Stillwater is actually the oldest, being that it was incorporated in 1854 (Wabasha wasn't incorporated until 1858). But

Huh. Who knew? In case this fun fact is suddenly tickling your historical bone, maybe a weekend road trip is in order? Take a quick drive out of Rochester, cruise down Wabasha's Main Street, and party like it's 1830!


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