The extra bout of snow we just experienced spared us any extra agony, but they're coming people... they're coming.

If I remember correctly, the mosquitoes didn't really get super bad until the fourth of July last summer, at least not bad enough where they were noticeable up by my house in the Country Club Manor in Rochester. Trust me, my kid found out the hard way what our Minnesota State Bird is all about, and it wasn't until mid-summer when she discovered that when the sun starts to go down, you either hose yourself down with OFF! if you wanna keep playing, or you get your butt inside before you're eaten alive.

But according to Bring Me The News, it sounds like we've maybe got 2-3 weeks of peace and quiet until the real fun ramps up. They interviewed Mike MacLean of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD), and he says the mosquitoes are gathering their troops for a mid-to-late May attack.

Granted, he could be very well speaking for just the metro but with Rochester just over an hour away it's probably safe to assume we're in the same camp for another typical summer invasion. Best stock up on citronella oil candles and bug spray just in case!

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